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Why didn't I take my own advice?

I always tell friends and family to avoid Currys like the plague. I wanted a Blackberry Playbook when the price came down - choice between Carphone Warehouse (awful) and Currys. I went for Currys.
The Playbook is faulty. It should have been collected today - but they use Yodl (what a combination), so no collection.
Currys are meant to be calling me in the morning, but I won't be holding my breath.
Stuck with a £250 paperweight.

>>Update on this - Currys didn't call, so I had to phone them. Apparently, the collection failed (no reason given), instead of just automatically rearranging for the following day, it's up to me to rearrange with them.
The drone in the call centre said I could take it into a store for a refund, but can't be sure that the store will refund as it's up to the store as it will go against their figures!
Rearranged collection for Monday, and changed to a refund instead of a replacement. Let's see what happens on Monday, then pray for the refund to go through!

Further update - They're trying to send me a replacement. Just can't believe any company can be this bad. Their expensive phone line is saying 5 minutes for answer, tried to email, no response. Guess I'll just refuse the delivery, then take it up with my credit card company.
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