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Currys not only didn't deliver my goods due to an issue with their card payment authorisation system, but ringfenced the money from my bank account twice.

Even after I cancelled the order and was assured no further attempt would be made to take the money from my account, the very next day they ringfenced a large sum of money (£1000+) which I'm told could take 7 days to return to my account.

After spending an hour on the phone to Currys trying to resolve the issue, they refused to help, or offer any compensation for the time I had spent dealing with their mistake, or my phone call costs as their customer support number is not free.

In my honest opinion, Currys simply don't care about the people they inconvenience by their poor business practices.

I would urge everyone reading this to never use Currys and instead use someone like Amazon who I had to use due to Currys inability to process my order.
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