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Faulty TV Arrogant Shop Manager

I promised myself NOT to go to Currys ever again after 2 bad experiences with the same Shop Manager, but had to get involved with Currys again to help an old couple who bought a flat screen tv from them.
The couple bought the tv last September but there were problems with it as soon as December, and it has repaired 3 times up to February 2013. The couple felt that they were being fobbed off by the arrogant manager of the local store and so asked me to speak on their behalf since they had limited english.
On the third time of repair I went into the store and asked the manager how many times would it be 'repaired' being replaced because of the continuing fault and his answer was "Not going to happen,it will never be replaced".
Even after 5 times?
"Never will be replaced"
So the Sales Of Goods Act doesnt concern you?
"Only way to get it replaced is through Small Claims Court, and we have a legal team for that"
So the couple still have a tv from Currys that break down and the only way to get this less than 6 month old tv replaced is through the courts.
This shows the incredibly bad training,bad attitude,and bad customer service from Currys.
I feel that as soon as Currys have the consumers money then they dont want to know them, and the Shop Manager in question acts like as he is the king in his own kingdom.
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