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Next company to go bust

I am not sure if KNOWHOW is a third party contractor or just part of a group that owns currys (dixions) pixmania and pcworld.
Either way KNOWHOW is the worst company i have ever dealt with.

Ordered a American style fridge to be delivered on a Monday (day off work) from Currys.
Received a email confirming delivery for Monday between 7am-7pm, day before delivery received a text message to my phone confirming delivery on the Monday.
Monday comes and goes with no fridge freezer.
When i asked why it was not delivered on Monday and why they have wasted my whole day they just replied we didn't have the stock in the warehouse because it did not arrive on the weekend (so why on Sunday did you send me a text) They then said it will now arrive on Wednesday.

Hang on a second since when did the selling company start telling people what to do? Pure arrogance

My 17 year old son had to stay in all Wednesday for them, There instructions was to install and take my old fridge freezer as i had paid for this. But no, they told my son they could not install it and that they was not told to take my fridge freezer.

When i phoned up asking to forward to me to complaints department they just said give me your reference number then hung up on me. So i emailed a complaint which still today has not been replied to.
I phoned up to cancel the order and have them take it away, they told me they would phone back within 24 hours to arrange this but they didn't. I phoned up again to get someone say oh we will have to put your thorough to another department, then hung up on me.

Very Very Angry, a right bunch of cowboys..

I urge people not to buy any product from Currys/Pixmania/PcWorld/Dixons
By doing so these (or this) company will end up like coment and deservedly so
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