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one star too many

Ordered a PVR and what a nightmare this company is. I can't believe how bad a company can get. So many problems that I'll list all my actions.
- After a week from my order date, I got no phone call, no tracking number, no mail, no information, no nothing.
- So I called their 15p a minute 0844 number, was kept on hold for 20 minutes after which they picked up and hung up immediately.
- I called again and after waiting a further 20 minutes, I ran out of time and had to give up.
- Sent an email explaining the problem, so after a further 2 day wait, they called me on my mobile by letting it ring exactly ONCE and they hung up. They then had the cheek to send me a mail claiming they had attempted to contact me and that I should phone them if I wanted an update. Obviously, it's the "it's all your fault" tactic.
- I had no choice so I phoned them again and this time got someone on the other end within 10 minutes. Got the standard Customer Service response, that there was an IT glitch and deliveries were running late and I would have to wait a further 3 days.
- I therefore decided to cancel my order with them and was told that the cancellation would be processed in 3 working days.
- During this time, they attempted to deliver the item and guess what, no refund processed after 5 working days.

They have provided the worst shopping experience ever and I have no idea when this nightmare purchase is going to get resolved. I will never be using Currys/Dixons/PC World ever again.
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