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Never Again

I write this with a sad heart. It has taken three months and still they can not get the faulty bolt that has prevented me from safely installing my new cooker. The bolt was originally supplied but it was not the correct type.

Was sent two parts over two months ... both of them incorrect. Then sent them a picture of what we needed by an email. Another incorrect part arrived. Spoke to them again and they said it will take another three weeks to get the part.

Three weeks later, no part. Phoned again. Part is permanently out of stock but was only informed about it when I chased it up again. Asked for a refund. They said that they would need to contact head office and that head office will contact me to discuss.

No phone call from head office. Next day got an email that they would come on Sunday with what I thought was a replacement cooker. My other half checked on the website. The date on email was wrong. It was actually a Saturday. Phoned them to confirm what was going on. It was a Saturday.

Had to arrange for my dad to house sit as both of us work on a Saturday. Saturday arrived, no cooker replacement but engineer arrived to examine the cooker. We had an excellent engineer who advised us that he would be contacting head office to inform them of the missing part. Thought that it may finally get resolved.

Had to chase up again the following Tuesday as had no communication from their office. Now demanded a refund. Was told that they would arrive next Monday to collect the faulty cooker and only then would get a refund.

No apology ... absolutely nothing.

Have to now use the single electric stove that my mother gave me to do the cooking for the entire house.

Appalling service, awful communication but a really good engineer.

Another review of mine said that I would never shop at PC World. I forgot that they were the same company ... doh!!!

John Lewis ... here we come!!!


Well, Monday 3/2/14 is here. They stated that they would be here between 3-7pm to collect the cooker. Well, at 1:45pm, had a rather irate lady on the phone from Knowhow asking why I wasn't at home to open the door. At first I thought it was a joke from one of my friends trying to wind me up - but there wasn't a giggle or a snigger on the other end of the phone. My mobile had No Caller ID so I couldn't be sure.

It was actually real. They had come over an hour early and demanded to know why I was not in my house! I was a little baffled and thought I had the time wrong. Nope, it definitely said between 3-7pm and it was certainly 1:45pm! Politely told the lady that I was expecting them after 3pm and that I was at work so I would not be back before then.

Again, no apology.

I see a Monty Python sketch coming on ... :)


Yay ... the cooker is finally out of my house and it is 3:15pm. Now onto phase 2 ... the dreaded refund! Wish me luck boys and gals!
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