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Don't know the meaning of customer service!!!!!!!!

bought a TV last Saturday from the Edinburgh Craighlieth branch, i was told i would get £50 discount on the LG TV and £30 discount on the cable and next day delivery would be £10, i also bought a sound bar which was £199
TV-£899 - £50=£849
sound bar- £199
delivery-£10 Total was-£1098,
when i came to the pay point the sale person told me madam i have given you maximum discount and total is £999, so i paid and and left happily thinking he gave me a good discount. around 2 hours after i left i get a phone call 30 minutes before the store closes from the acting manager at the time saying i have to go back to store to pay £150, as i underpaid them or they wont deliver my TV! by this time i had already arranged for someone to come and install the tv for me. without realizing i was over charged i said it is impossible for me to come and pay now as you are only giving me 30 minutes so can i pay over the phone? they refused to take the payment and gave me no option but to go and pay in the store. when i went in to make payment i asked to break it down and realised there was no discount given for the TV and the guy who served me totally denied having said he would give me discount! so i had no choice but to pay and return home when i was supposed to be at a party. Sunday after TV arrived the engineer was installing the soundbar but it wasn't functioning so KHOWHOW advised me to take it back to currys as it was faulty, i took it back straight away to a different branch and asked for a refund for sound bar and cable, i was told i would only get £218 refunded when it should be £238, his reason was other currys gave me discount and he has to take that off! it took me 45 minutes to make him understand what was written on the receipt my health took a turn for the worse as i going thru al this, then i phoned the manager at currys to complain and tell him what had happened, he was no help either. this was a fault from their end and they should have dealt with it with their employee without getting me involved and calling me in like that! and don't make false promises to get a sale!!!
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