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Company should be rated on how it deals with problems

Dabs is fine if nothiong goes wrong - good prices and reasonable delivery costs.

But wo betide anyone who has a problem.

1. there is no phone.
2. there is no chat facility

you can only communicate via email.

my email question to them (and follow ups) remain unresponded to after 10 days.

First due to their systems issues , the order which had a problem (noisy DVD drive), had to be transfered to a new system. 24 hours wait. then the new system shows the wrong prices. So before I returned the item I had a few questions - originally within the 7 day window.

The resultant issues could so easily be resolved over the phone but will probably take days of ping-pong emails to resolve.

Good companies should be judged on how they resolve issues. If you can't speak to them, invariably ine is at a disadvantage from the start.

I remain very frustrated by the lack of communication.
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