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Apalling Customer Service

If you hunt around on the internet you will see that Dabs get very good reviews for price and speed of deilvery.

Look further and you will see that their rating drops dramatically if you are unlucky enough to have to return a faulty item. I should have learned my lesson when I had to return a faulty motherboard some years ago but thinking things might have changed 8 or 9 years down the line, I ordered a Graphics card from them.

2 months later, the graphics card packed in so I arranged a return on 17th Feb. I have proof that the card was received by Dabs on the 18th but when things didn't seem to be progressing further I contacted them and was told they 'couldn't find it'. Since then, I have emailed daily but to no avail. I have received the odd reply thanking me for my patience but nothing is being resolved.

Their web site would have you believe they will provide customer service with a phone number, a live chat facility and and an email contact address but...

The phone number is an 0870 one that no-one answers for ages and is making money for them all the time they are leaving you listening to their recorded message, the live chat facility doesn't work and you are lucky if anybody responds to your emails.

To summarise, the title says it all - their customer support is appalling.
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