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god awful service from dabs

god awful service from dabs
god help anyone who uses this company.

il begin with the web site stating my solid state drive would be in stock in 1-3 days , 8 days later i got bored of waiting and removed this order since it was a compleate load of rubish that it will be arriving within 3 days

so......my order gets shipped, and some arrives ,not everything is there though , infact a graphics card i payed 200£ for which has been taken from my account , isnt in the delivery ,even though its in the delivery note, i email them and im re-embursed , i take a look at there site and see the graphics card......whilst iv been waiting for the ssd to come in has gone off offer , so even though i payed for the item while it was on offer it was taken from my delivery, and then it was me who had to chase them for re-embursment

so then my chasis arrives , the pacaging is perfect, the styrofone is perfect and holds its so well it takes 2 grown men to get the chassis out of the box , soooo.... how has the internal parts of the chasis been shattered , its because its a b-grade product , iv been charged for a full product . and im still waiting for this issue to be resolved even after 8 emails, and over a month.

now after 3 days shy of a whole month waiting for my monitor it has arrived, soaking wet and damaged

out of intrest i sent them an email letting them know i wanted to send my soaking wet monitor back on friday morning (2nd sept), and still no response , they will want to courier it back which will take 3 days to arange and a day to take place, at best.

my job takes me away from my hometown and although im not strugling for money i would have been looking at taking a new contract last week, yet im still stuck here with no answers, not even replys to my emails

i spent an hour on the phone they never even picked up , what a joke , no reply to my emails


all i want is to be able to return the faulty goods iv been delivered , and i should at least get back half the cash for the chasis

thankyou for reading this post , any help or advice would be greatly appreicated, since at the moment im realy restraining myself from emailing them telling them im going to take them to court

kind rigards
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