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Never again!!

I bought a very nice looking Samsung Pebble and they delivered a Samsung ugly son of a gun, what a way to rid yourself of rubbish stock that don’t sell, sell it to some poor sucker 2 days before xmas, swear oh did I!

Just another con merchant company out there, I'm stuck with a monitor I don’t like and don’t want, inferior model for gaming and cheaper than the one I ordered by £30, so I’m out of pocket by £30 loads of hassle and no xmas pressie, they didn’t want to know....bunch of C U next tuesdays!!!

Never will I ever use this poor excuse for a company again.

No matter how cheap the offer is I will stick to Ebuyer and Aria in future!!
I build hundreds of computers and spend thousands on parts for repairs so their loss and only make the mistake once.

The rest can get stuffed and go bankrupt and you will like the jokers Dixons.

PC Word and Pixmania are next to go bankrupt, customers leave in droves at poor customer service.....not rocket science is it!
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