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Extremely slow at processing orders, customer service poor, AVOID

On Tuesday I made an order on the Dabs website. I can't remember when exactly but I'm fairly sure it was in the very early afternoon.

At 6PM after I'd finished for the day I receive an email saying that my card has been declined (it turned out my bank wanted to check I had really made this purchase). I thought it was *very* strange that my card was declined *hours* after I made the order... why was it not processed immediately as it is on all other online retailer websites?

On Wednesday morning at 11AM I followed the instructions in the email and asked them to resubmit the transaction on my card. Yet they did nothing.

This morning I called customer services and was told that no one had acted on my Wednesday request. Rather exasperated I asked for them to just resubmit it now, but I was told that this was impossible because the people who do that don't get in to the office until the afternoon!!

On any other website this would have all been resolved on Tuesday as it would have happened automatically. Dabs it seems prefers to have people type in people's card details by hand? Is that right? Does that mean they record people's CCV2 numbers? And why is it that the people who process their transactions don't even work full time? This is atrocious.

My order was processed finally at about 5PM, a full three days longer than it would have taken at any retailer like Amazon.

I did make a complaint on their website. They deleted part of my post, then took the time to explain that I'm not allowed to mention Amazon... yet they never bothered to answer any of the criticisms above, or apologise and say how they're going to improve.

Everyone should avoid Dabs.
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