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Terrible customer service, and not cheap either.

Okay - frequent traveler here.

Used Dabs a few times before, been a customer for some years, typically delivery times not as advertised.

This time, used my Thai credit card to order a Samsung 500GB EVO solid state disk. The website processed it Friday afternoon, and was flying back to Thailand Tuesday morning, so selected the 'delivery by Monday 17:00hrs' option, paid, transaction went through.

Waited in all day Monday, when I had better things to do, 17:00hrs came, no sign. Logged into Dabs, and saw my order was cancelled for security reasons. I've used my Thai Platinum card the world over, so SECURITY REASONS? And no word from Dabs whatsoever. Not even an email. I was so mad. They could have called me.
Mailled them right away, and they said sorry, I'd have to resubmit the same order and all would be fine. Too late, leaving the UK in the morning.

Thought about it for a week, then communicated to them that I was no longer happy to be a customer of theirs, and that I wish my account to be closed.

Days went by no response. What a surprise.

Contacted them again, and demanded they close my account. Finally provoked a response. < begin paste >

Hello Erik,

Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately for data protection reasons we cannot just close your account. I can remove you from mailing lists, and cancel your log in on the website.

Please advise if this is satisfactory.

Best Wishes, Abi

Customer Services
dabs.com Plc
< end paste >

What a load of sh1t.
I want my account closed, and I'm going to seek legal help to do so.
So be warned, they will keep your details F O R E V E R.


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