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Efficient, polite, competant, they really did get the job done.

I went into my local Swarovski Crystal shop before Christmas to get the limited edition crystal snowflake, they had unfortunately sold out!

As I live on Jersey in the Channel Islands its not so easy to pop to the next town/city to try another shop, I telephoned the shop on Guernsey (one of the other Channel Islands) they had sold out aswell. I then telephoned Swarovski from the number on their website and, yes, you guessed it, they will ship world wide .......but not to the Channel Islands!! and no amount of asking for a way round it proved any good, the best they came up with was "don't you know someone in England we can send it to and they can send it on to you"?

I actually thought about not getting one this year, then on thursday 20th December I decided to have one last effort, (nothing like cutting it fine)!! I logged on to t'internet and selected the David Shuttle site, looked at it, it was clear and concise, filled in the form and sent off my order, job done!! an hour after sending the order my phone rang, it was David Shuttle, well not David Shuttle but someone called Lauren I believe, she pointed out that there was a better way of sending it in order to get it for Christmas (now thats customer service just before Christmas) I thanked her and waited....I was provided with a DHL tracking number, and, lo it came to pass that the snowflake arrived on Christmas Eve. Great service from a friendly and helpful team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David Shuttle to anyone, if they have it, then they will send it to you without hassle or fuss, Brilliant service and in these days of impersonal e-mails they are a friendly breath of fresh air.

Thank you again David Shuttle.

Michael Tostevin
Channel Islands
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