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Store good, website poor.

Finding a product you want was easy enough. Buying it was horrendous:
Roller blades:
> Press 'Buy'
Please select a size.
> Look for sizes, don't see anywhere you can select a size, no drop down field. Just some boxes.
> Press '28cm' (cm? really?), press 'buy'.
Choose a store.
> Enter Postcode, press OK, nothing happens, press OK again, choose Giltbrook.
Returns to page.
> Press 'check availability'.
Please select a size.
> Press '28cm' (again). Press 'check availability'
> Press 'Add to trolley'
> Press 'Go to check out'
> Press 'Buy'
> Press 'Continue without creating account'
> Dance around the fields trying to get them to validate once my browser's auto fill had already entered the fields incorrectly (because postcode is two fields (Why?) and it doesn't like spaces in the phone number (Why not?).
> Change favourite store to my local store.
> Enter weird security text (is it a 9 or a q?)
> The store I selected doesn't offer delivery, huh? It asked for my favourite store, it didn't say this would be used for delivery, why do I have to choose which store will deliver my goods anyway? I'm perfectly happy to be ignorant of that.

They would be better off listing their items on eBay compared to the system of purchasing they currently use.
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