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Not the company they were 10 years ago....

Dell are not the company they were 10 years ago...but why is this you may ask..and the simple reply is....

Unreliable parts and poor construction, extremely poor after sales/customer service and a substandard grasp and understanding of the language of the country the goods are being supplied in. This in addition to there being no incentivisation to past customers to buy again and little or no knowledge of the sales history of a past client.

From Dell in the last 15 years I have bought 10 Desktop PC's with monitors and all accessories, 3 Laptops and a Server including a host of other smaller items such as Camera's, Portable Hard Disc Drives and Zip Drives, Mice, Carry Cases and further smaller accessories to a cost of about £15K which granted, does not make me their largest customer or even put me in the big league but surely still one worth retaining? Of course Dell are not actually aware of this as it would seem that every purchase from them is viewed in itself and a comprehensive customer record not kept or certainly not available to the Dell team members I have spoken to in the last 12 Months..

Could it really be the case that they do not think this important? Or perhaps they do not care about customer retention or loyalty. Either way it does not help to enhance the purchase experience for the customer and with the abysmal state of their 'customer service' and after sales support the likelihood of someone actually wanting to buy from them again is very unlikely.

Indeed, why would someone go back for repeat business from Dell at present? Two things. Price and convenience.

However, as Dell are not the cheapest on the market either I am still left wondering how they keep their goods selling aside from the convenience factor. Perhaps customers who cannot be bothered to look further afield, perhaps customers like me who have had good experiences in the past or customers who just believe the advertising blurb...or maybe just convenience alone.

Only, when it breaks down the convenience is gone. Much like the time you'd spent installing software and personalising the machine. Not to mention the fact that you're now without the PC which will take time to be fixed or replaced and likely you'll have to go through all the installation & personalisation stuff again. All this while now having lost faith in the machine which you now expect will let you down again.

I used to be a firm believer in Dell Hardware which I found to be well built and extremely reliable and a true advocate of the brand until my recent experiences and now I wouldn't even consider another one of their machines.

It's such a shame how a company can lose sight of so many things from once being so good.
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