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Horrific customer service that ruins reputation

I don't know how a company like Dell can continue running their business with their current customer support base.

Their hardware is okay, far from the best out there, but does the job... until some hidden self-destruct mechanism goes off after a predetermined time (that's my belief anyway).

I had a laptop for about three years before it kicked the bucket, and, to my surprise, I had forgotten about the warranty that I had with it. It was actually due to run out about a month after the time of the laptop dying.

Called up support, was redirected to India and was put on the line with totally unhelpful staff that I couldn't understand, and who probably couldn't understand me. If you think it's as simple as saying "My laptop is broken, and the warranty covers it, please come and send assistance" then think again. After hours of multiple calls - each new call starting the whole process over again - I was getting nowhere.

First off, they don't believe you. They tried to diagnose my near dead laptop over the phone, which was an absolute nightmare. I managed to somehow spark some life into it and go through a few BIOS checks over the phone with Dell. The results of that? Inconclusive, but they "suspected" different problems.

I had to get a family member braver than I to shout down the phone at them to send an engineer out. On and on this went, and then they finally did their job, sent an engineer out who didn't have the proper equipment. On the phone again, they send another engineer who actually fixes the laptop. Woo!

Then the laptop dies of the same problem two months later.

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