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All round awful service!

I bought a XPS 17 Laptop back in October of 2011. Which at first was delayed by two weeks (total three weeks to deliver). The Laptop worked fro about three months no problem. After this my laptop suffered a HD failure and needed to be replaced.

After a couple of phone calls where I informed them the HD had failed the decided that I was correct and sent out a Tech to replace the faulty HD...

This is where the issues got worse! I must of spent 100+ hours on the phone speaking to techs getting the drivers sorted... week by week more errors and blue screens kept popping up. On asking to return the laptop for replacement or refund the tech support team told me "we don't do that sir it defeats the purpose of us being here"???.. no lie they actually said that? Even when the pc wont work? I had to endure over three months of calls to a support centre in India I believe until thankfully one of the more intelligent employees decided yes maybe there is something wrong with your £1200 laptop!

I returned the laptop and figured that this was a one off so ordered the replacement after a promise of a refund... THEN: The delivery of the new laptop was delayed by 3 weeks..... Then they took almost two weeks to issue a refund!!?? after a promse of four days?? The account manager that took my new order never replies to emails and all this has been going on now for almost four months now...

You would have thought that Dell would see that this is maybe a special case and do there best to help a customer to restore his/her faith in the company..... No chance of that happening!

All round a poor service from beginning to end with sales, customer service, delivery and refunds. I wish I hadn't been so stupid and ordered another pc from them, more fool me!

Edit: And one last thing don't believe the warranty promise to send someone out to collect your computer to take it to a service centre in a few days, I was never offered this service after the hard drive was replaced...


EDIT: So today the replacement finally arrived (four months after issues began).. And all seems ok, and offered extra 10% discount for inconvenience (has to be approved) fingers crossed they have redeemed themselves.
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