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Dell UK - Rapidly Declining Products, Service & Support

My 17th Dell machine in 8 years and my last. Multiple problems over multiple devices in the last month and support is dead. RIP Dell customer support.

Vostro 230:

From new both screws missing that would hold the hard drive securely. Dell refused to send engineer out to replace HD even though it was making horrible noise. I had to make a few calls and shout loud to get the HD replaced, support engineer had no screws, Dell said it was not a Dell part number so could not help. I bought my own screws.

CPU fan squealed like a pig from new. Another 3 phone calls and they sent me a replacement, I changed it myself.

Missing 8-in-1 internal card reader as advertised in product description. Sales, Support and Marketing had no idea what part this was, yet its in the main Vostro 230 product description. 5 phone calls, 10 emails and they sent a Belkin external card reader. Useless.

17" Vostro 3750 Laptop:

Power-pack faulty from new and makes a high pitch noise when connected to mains. No way to contact Dell technical support for this machine so my online account says. Customer support emails ignored over last week.

Conclusion: I will not be buying from Dell from now and I will certainly not miss their inept and commission hungry Indian operated Sales, Support & Technical. I'm done with Dell!
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