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Sofas great but be warned if you order other furniture

Ok so when we think DFS we think sofas, however DFS has now gone in to selling other items of furniture too, like dining furniture and other living room furniture. Well as I had used DFS before and had a good service from them I had no problems in using them again to replaced my old sofa with a new one and while I was at it I thought I would order a Coffee table, TV stand and Highboard (sideboard) from their Heston range at a total cost of £1646 not including the 2 sofas. We paid the deposit but after a couple of days received a call from DFS asking us to pay for the other furniture items in full as these didn't come from their manufacturer it came from someone else. Ok at that we paid for these items in full this was back in February. So on 30th April when we arranged for delivery of the items we were excited to see our new sofas which are sitting happily in our living room. The other furniture which was delivered by a different company turned up later the same day and was all packaged up tightly and carefully removed from the lorry. The delivery drivers opened the packaging and straight away I noticed a problem, the TV stand had a huge split down the top of it. We checked the Highboard which had already been unpacked and noticed the a glass panel was chipped and at that I'd had enough. We didn't check the coffee table, all items were refused and sent on their not so merry way.
I contacted DFS straight away and this is where the problems continued, DFS have only just started using this manufacturer and don't know the procedure for complaints or refusals. So I had to wait days so that the local branch could speak to the head office and then the manufacturer and then we got a call from John Lewis who as it turns out are the ones who sell the furniture. So the manufacturer works for JL and DFS sell the items on their behalf (something like that) so back to the call, John Lewis said we would get new items and would receive a call in 2 weeks to arrange delivery. The call came and the items were due to be delivered today.
I received a call from the delivery driver because he recognised my order from the last time he came here. He had opened the TV stand to check it and low and behold it was exactly the same as the one we sent back with the huge split down the top of it.
I contact DFS who got straight on to it and called me back within 5 minutes to say the manufacturer doesn't work on Thursdays and Fridays so they will have to deal with it on Monday (don't work Saturdays and Sundays either by the looks of things).
So yet again I am without furniture for my living room with hasn't been used since the beginning of March. I have taken 2 days off work to be home to take delivery of these items and lost money. I have moved furniture to make room for the new items and I am 100% fed up with the whole poor service and quality.
I would warn any of you before jumping to order any of these items from DFS purely out of the inconvenience of having to deal with a 3rd party should something go wrong. I wouldn't use John Lewis as they sell expensive items of poor quality and at no point has anyone apologised or offered any form of compensation for my trouble.

I bought a dining room table solid walnut from Argos and you know what it was cheaper than one of these items and of better quality.
DFS you would of got a higher rating had it of not been another company letting you down or your after care procedures when dealing as a 3rd party.

Just and update on all of the above we received a call on Monday to say they will delivery the brand new items this Thursday (today) and they had made a mistake and delivered the damaged items again. Guess what the delivery company contacted me and told me they were exactly the same items again. THIRD TIME THEY HAVE SENT THE SAME DAMAGED GOODS. CANCELLED ORDER AND GETTING MY MONEY BACK WHAT A JOKE OF A COMPANY.
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