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They are rubbish, the salesmen promise you the world and say you are covered by anything and everything but when it comes down to it you are covered for nothing, absolute junk, The salesmen clearly said to me a pen mark would be removed under the guarantee and then followed up with "whatever your 4 year can do to the couch it will be covered". Would never buy DFS again, do a simple google search and you are inundated by pages and pages of complaints about this fraudster company with their rogue salesmen, they were also on watch dog. stay well clear of DFS, go on ebay and see what a 2nd hand one looks like after just 1 year, thats the build quality, the 5 year guarantee!? well you might as well have just torched your £150, atleast you would have had something to show for for it, burnt debris, which is more than you would get from a DFS guarantee...

Omid Hejazi
Bought a Leather sofa bed and recliner from Ruislip
    DFS Furniture
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    Reply from DFS Furniture

    Hi its Matt from DFS Customer Services

    I am sorry to hear about the concerns you had with the sales team.

    I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you and would ask if you can call me on 01302 330 365.


    Customer Service - DFS
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