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Disappointing sales service from Cambridge Store

We found and purchased an Accent Chair from the Hanley Store in Stoke as an 'off the floor' show room model £140 including stain guard and no delivery as we took it away ourselves. This item was being offered at this price because they were selling off showroom stock. Really pleased with item and service. Second time purchase from Hanley with great service, thank you Hanley!

However, we decided we'd like to purchase a second one, which Hanley had told us Cambridge store had in their showroom. So I went to the store spoke to Ali (as there was no price tag on the chair) and for the same product he came back with a purchase price of £190! I queried the price and told him what I'd bought the other one for so he said he'd need to check with his manager, he then came and asked me for details so he could 'prove' that I was telling the truth, I'm a respectable Professional and would never dream of lying, I understand that some might. So I gave him my details which he verified and said best price they could do was £165 for same product. So I said I'd need to think about it, I had a wonder around the store and found another Accent Chair (Escape Butterfly) which I really liked. This also didn't have a price on it, so I asked for a price and he said it was the same as the other Accent Chair. I said with stain guard he said yes. I said could he do a deal if I purchased both chairs ie for cheaper than £165 per chair, he said he'd need to speak to the Manager. He then called me back later that afternoon and said he couldn't do anything more on the price. So my husband and I had a chat and decided over the weekend Yes we'd like the Butterfly one but we'd like to purchase two, so we wanted to find another store who had one. We called around and found Enfield had one. Their starting price was £245!!! So we explained price Cambridge had given. He eventually said he'd come down to £165 providing we were buying both products. So we said yes, then called Cambridge to put a deposit on the Accent Chair (Escape Butterfly) and they went back on their offer. Saying the Manager couldn't agree and tried adding another £49 for Stain Guard!!! I couldn't get to speak to Ali as he was serving a customer. We then had to call Enfield and explain to them. They said they'd call Cambridge to see if they could work something out for us and call us back. Neither store called us and I feel left disappointed by in particular Cambridge for going back on the deal and then by Enfield for not calling us back. Hanley you can have my service any day!
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    Reply from DFS Furniture

    Hi it's Hannah from DFS Customer Service.

    Firstly, I would like to say sorry for the issues you have experienced in our stores.

    If this matter is still ongoing, we would like to assist you further and ask you to contact us on 01302 330 365.

    Again, I apologise for the issues you have experienced with us.

    Hannah - Customer Service - DFS
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