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DFS boucher road belfast : rude and cheap tac

Me and my partner ordered this lovely sofa and cuddler it looked fab in the shop once it came i could see it was not what we ordered so we rang up and said that they had sent us the wrong sofa we ordered a half red and half pattern but they sent us all pattern we also seen a bulge in it so told them that as well so they sent a man out to look and fix it he ripped it over packed it and went so we rang up again and was told they would send someone out again we waited and waied but know one came so we rang up again and again untill they sent the top man he looked at it and seen what the other one had done so he said he would fix all of it i was so happy he said they would pick the sofa up in a week but its been over a month so we rang again and got this cheeky man called david he was so rude and would not listen he told us the parts were ordered but some were missing so we said no its ok just take the whole sofa back and send a new one or give us are money back he said no and then told us that they were fixing it as a good will gesture so i laughed and said you guys got the order wrong and your telling me you are doing us a good will jester i dont think so we have the paper work that says we
ordered it rite so now the frame of the sofa is broke and i told them that too but he just said we will fix what was said and thats all . So please stay away from DFS unless you want to waste your money and get stressed will keep posted
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    Reply from DFS Furniture

    Hi its Matt from DFS Customer Services

    First of all may I take this opportunity to apologise for the level of service you have received.

    It is disappointing to hear you have been left unhappy.

    I would welcome the chance to speak to you and would ask if you can call me on 01302 330 365.

    Many thanks

    Customer Service - DFS
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