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Sofa V Wall

Thanks for the sofa, DFS! It's incredibly soft and comfortable and the build quality is exceptional! So exceptional in fact that is was no match for our wall which has a hole in it, left as a memento by your kind delivery staff.

Thanks also for the surprise delivery! We had no idea that we would get our lovely new sofa a day early. The rouse was so clever and complex, with no notifications to keep the ETA hidden. Even when my partner called he was tricked to keep the whole thing a secret! His face was a picture of delight un-bound when he was called away from work at 10mins notice to meet the delivery staff. Even his bosses were astounded by your efficiency!

Anyway, thanks to the keepsake left during delivery, we can now treasure the memory of this day whilst our posteriors' are gently parked atop our delightful new sofa. Others might be disgruntled that your competent and experienced delivery staff had refused an offer to clear more space. But, even as the sofa wedged between the wall and the door frame, I could feel no resentment. I can see that this would have eaten heavily into their already busy schedules' and, let's face it, we can't all be as readily available as my partner! And whilst at first I had doubted the delivery staff, I now see that in not removing the arms initially, they were endeavoring to leave us a reminder of their visit and the day our new sofa was triumphantly installed.

We are of course going to have to pay for this little souvenir to be repaired as our landlord is not likely to take to it as kindly as we have. Whilst it will cost us to repair and may cost us our deposit on the flat, it is but a small price to pay for the happy reminder.

Just one thing though, DFS! We had been so disappointed that no one was willing to take credit for this delightful token of your visit. I can only presume that the retail assistant and warehouse manager were far too humble to accept the praise but we were told the delivery staff would be returning to accept our compliments on their hard work. Alas, we have heard nothing!

So, DFS, we could see no other way to show you our gratitude! Please accept this bright, shiny, single red star as a token of our appreciation of your hard work and excellent service! And please do get in touch. We would love the opportunity to tell you ourselves how thoroughly pleased we are with your service and staff!
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    I am sorry to hear about your DFS experience.

    If I can be of assistance please do not hesiate to call me on 01302 330 365.

    Many thanks

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