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Failed to send Xbox points

On Wednesday I placed and order for 4200 Xbox points, and thus far I've had NOTHING back. I left a voice mail to 'verify' myself as a customer, (and heard NOTHING back, I also sent an email to chase, and heard NOTHING back. The site, and on here, says that customers can use the 'Live Chat' service, which doesn't actually exist anywhere I can see on the site, and if it does, its well hidden away.

Indeed if there is a live chat service it should be an option on every page. If I don't hear anything today I will assume the company have stolen my details. So to summarize, NO customer service, & NO communication. I can't suggest to anyone to use these clowns as they seem unable, and unwilling to even attempt to fulfill purchase contracts that unwitting customers wish to take out with them.

Avoid at all costs.

EDIT: So on Friday I finally received a rather terse email from Digisub

'Hi Martyn,
Your order has been completed, we would very much appreciate if you could edit your review on trustpilot.

E Ross.'

No apology, or explanation for why it took two DAYS to 'instantly' send my points to me. Aside from this asking me to improve my score rating, nothing. There is absolutely no customer service at all. Just an expectation to see them right for eventually getting round to sending me what I purchsed. Beyond rubbish. I'll move it to two stars, purely because they eventually sent me my points, in total silence.
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