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Fantastic ★★★★★ !!

I bought a used Sigma 18-200 DC OS for Canon models.When i was scowering the net looking for this model for under E300, I couldn't find anything anywhere, and anything I did find was either too Expensive, not the OS model, not for canon, Non Vat registered, wouldn't ship to ireland-BIGGEST PROBLEM or was too damaged.Im mean amazon tried to charge me 90 EURO on shipping??!!! thats 1/3 of the camera?!! Also i wanted it from a shop rather than a person, then i know it would be of merchanable quality.
I came across it on were the first shop to actually have a picture of the lens second hand, that I had come across.IT LOOKED BRAND NEW?! LITTERALY THE PICTURE WAS SUPER FINE QUALITY AND HD WHATEVER AND I COULD ZOOM IN AND I DIDN'T SEE ONE SCRATCH OR MARK.As soon as i saw that I knew, this is the one, i found that at about 2:00 AM and was nervous all night n case anyone bought such a great deal before me.Also this came without 9 months store warrenty repair!!! I didnt see anywhere offer this on a site on a used item.
Their website was BRILLIANT ★★★★★ felt so safe, read through all their terms and cond. which where easily accessible.
Their is a shop in dublin who were selling this same model -Sigma 18-200 BUT WITHOUT THE OS (Optical Stabiliser) - i need this lens mainly for video and sports photography,and they were offering me the Non OS used for E 170.00 , i asked them what about a OS model, and they said i would have to pay E550.
So as soon as i saw this, i knew this was the one.Also they kept reminding me that this item is VAT registered and I would not have to pay any fees or taxes ie. "All prices are inclusive or VAT" etc. Where as if I ordered it from US or outside the EU id have to pay if not hundreds of EURO.
Shipping could have been a bit faster, but i wasn't about to complain at all since im located beside dublin it took about 5-6 days, and they were shipping from london to Dublin via Royal Mail First Class.* And get this THE SHIPPING ONLY COST E15.00!!?? What value for your money there! This shop really cares about their customers and doesn't waste time.

I paid via PayPal and it couldn't have felt easier and safer.And they really give you that exiting feeling you have when you've placed your order and paid.

They just made me feel so confident and never at one part of all this did i feel i wasn't getting value for my money.

When the lens arrived It was waiting for me, since i wasn't in the house at the time in my local POST office and all i had to do was sign and present I.D.
I was really excited when i arrved home i opened the first layer of tightly enclosed duct tape.Then a black Sigma box **WITH PROTECTIVE STYROFOAM- which i didnt expect** appeared **I WASN'T EVEN EXPECTING A SIGMA BOX, AND IT LITERALLY LOOKED BRAND NEW** When i opened that i saw all brand new factory looking warranty card and stickers and factory looking booklet-- basically everything looked 100% brand new and just from the factory.

Now i got to the lens, it was in like a cardboard with sigma wrapping, MY EYES LITERALLY DROPPED FROM MY HEAD! I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE QUALITY OF THE LENS, IT LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE IT HAD JUST CAME FROM THE FACTORY!! My mum and brother didnt know weather it was used or second hand and i asked them both and they said it looked 100% Brand New!!
Overall packaging quality ★★★★★

I have nothing but praise for this company and i highly recommend shopping with them.They've made a 15 year boy very happy today.And ill be returning to them, very soon.

Order # 100002614
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Bought D700, D300, 24-70, AFS 50f1.4 etc

Brilliant service. Very quick and the prices were very good. They even matched someone else's price on an item were there price was not as good and sent me a free Nikon hat. Used them several times now and always had great service. When one item did not work (not their fault) they went out of their way to sort the problem and did so. Will use them as first choice for everything camera related now.

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Digital Cameras, Lenses, Digital SLR, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Sigma, Camera Bags, Tripods, Studio Lighting at Digital Depot - Award Winning Retailer.

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