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Honest Review

First off - Many people have mentioned that there is an email that's being sent out and if you select that you had good service they direct you here and if not then it directs you to them. I've not had this email yet but would like to review them here honestly.

I purchased a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition from them. Saved myself £70-80! I didn't realize they it was a grey import until I told a friend about the website who then told me it was. I never really paid much attention to the site as I enjoyed watching their videos on YouTube and also seen these reviews about them. I tried to cancel it but couldn't because of the status it was at. It advised to contact customer services but they're open from 1AM until 10AM GMT which isn't ideal. I left it.

I placed the order at around midnight of 26/27June. I received an email the next day to say it's been dispatched. Coming from Hong Kong I imagined that it's going to take at least the timescale they advised which was roughly 7 days. On the morning of the 28/June I had checked the tracking info from DHL and it was in the country already! After checking again it advised it was with the courier company and shortly after it was advised attempted delivery was made. Barely 2 working days? WOW! You must admit this is impressive.

I got the item. It has a slip in it from DigitalRev which is a warranty card. I noticed on their site that they provide a warranty. This is great news however it isn't ideal because of getting quotes for repairs or having to send the unit back to Hong Kong however it does gives piece of mind.

I've had a play around with the product and it's pretty good. It's genuine as I did a software update and had to enter my product serial into the GoPro website which verified it. The package was also very well wrapped - loads of bubble wrap.

I can't fault the service received from DigitalRev and DHL.

I hope that whoever is reading this is able to make a suitable decision on whether they would purchase from DigitalRev but if I can get some cracking deals again then I most likely would order again. People have good and bad experiences with every company out there but most of the time you don't hear about all the good stories.

Thank you DigitalRev and DHL.
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