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shop staffed by poorly trained staff who do not care and a website designed by some one who has never

Could be a great shop let down by poor staff and garbage website

Where to start the staff do not care in general you ask for something you may as well fill in a job application /go for interview/ get job/turn up for work the next day and find in your self it would be quicker
the cutting service is a joke i have stood there 30 mins when in the little van waiting for some one to serve me
only to be told sorry there in no one to use the saw

the prices on the screws ect are a joke
considering they are part of screwfix [kingfisher group] this makes it even worse they could buy from screw fix over the counter and still make a massive profit they are a rip of on 99% of things timber tools ironmongery i cant believe they are still in business..

Grimsby's branch is run by[please insert a derogatory term[ in matching clothing ..

b&q website was made by . someone who has never tried to buy or stock check anything

save you a wasted journey got to wickes
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