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THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this company is a scam , First of all i ordered some KRK speakers from the weekend and paid extra for a next day delivery. Then they took the money out of my account but no speakers have been delivered. So i rang up questioning the where abouts of my product. The company then told me my account is fraud and the details dont match up !!!!!! LIES so i made sure all the details were correct , emailed them and waited a response............. No response so then on monday i rang them again asking whats going....... they replied my bank details dont match up , and claimed they rang up my bank and checked the details ! this was a load of SHITE. then i decided to visit my bank, my bank wasnt aware of no such thing! So i contacted them again this time i was fuming, the person who answered my call said. " we dont know what is going on with your account but we cannot dispatch your product from the warehouse" I replied "how are you going to tell me that when you guys have got my money!" . the Sales rep then said i have an suggestion" why dont you do us an internet bank TRANSFER OF ANOTHER 250 POUND and we will deliver the speakers to any address you want !!!!!! WTF , I said excuse me what about the 250 pound you already took out of my account! he said " we have already Refunded you the money into your account and i will swnd you a confirmation EMAIL NOW !!!!!! THIS WAS AT 4PM TODAY!" AM I A TWAT! ....... I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dolphin Music
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    Reply from Dolphin Music

    Hi Tony, I am sorry your Dolphin experience has not been satisfactory. Unfortunately because of the nature and value of the products we sell, security on all first time orders is heightened and on occasion we will request another form of payment in order to clear the order from security check, especially when the billing address and delivery address are in completely different parts of the country. Please give us a call, ask for myself and I will explain exactly what has transpired as it seems the lady who placed the order, and has been liaising with us on your behalf has not fully understood the situation. I am sure this can all be easily resolved in a prompt and amicable manner.

    Kind Regards,

    David Wood.
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