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Great Classic Dough, Bad Organisation & Value for Money.

Domino's has been my Pizza Delivery favorite for some time but in the last 6 months the product quality has slipped. For example extra toppings ordered are applied to the pizza in non consistent amounts, especially vegetable options which on several occasions arrived on the pizza in the most ridiculously scant quantities which I was annoyed by having paid £1.20 per extra topping. Extra Tomato sauce is now also classed as a topping and so you have to pay here too (unlike pizza hut - as of Oct 2011) which makes the pizza very overpriced.

In my experience if you don't order extra sauce, the pizza will have hardly any on and so be under par. Unfortunately, even if ordered and paid for you will still be unlikely to get extra as it will likely be 'forgotten.'

I could cope with extra sauce being forgotten every now and again when it was free but not at £1.20 extra each time.

Essentially Domino's don't seem to have a consistent topping measuring system like Pizza Hut (which was told to me by the manager I was talking to after one recent complaint on this issues) so you never know how much of an extra topping/cheese or sauce you will get (if any,) which at such a high cost is important for a customer to know or the obvious upset/loss of business will be likely to ensure. Consistency is the key here.

For such a large company brand delivering such a simple product which it markets massively at great expense it seems a grossly stupid oversight to make in not demanding this.

I don't expect such consistency from local pizza delivery places as these are singular businesses managed by different people and also don't cost so much. But from a Global corporate chain I do expect this consistency. Its part of what I am paying the extra for.

I have now moved by custom back to Pizza Hut who have upped their
game and service and give me the product I pay for even if the pan base is a bit fluffy!
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