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Average pizzas, abysmal service, big question marks on hygeine

Ordered 2 pizzas from them - on a bogof deal. 2 for £15.98.

Sounds great.

Until you go to the store, and have to face a teenager with a face like thunder. Looking at you the same way he probably looks at his parents when he's bad mouthing them.

Very unfriendly service, but when I made the cardinal sin of asking for 4 dips it really went down the drain.

They made me wait 10 minutes (because they had a problem with the till) It was 4 for £1, but I didn't have the exact money, so they needed to get the till open.

You would think at this stage sense would kick in, and they would just give them to you maybe (bearing in mind waiting 10 minutes while your pizzas are going cold)

I just said they could have the £1.10 I had on me (I had popped out quickly just to pick the online-paid pizzas up and didn't have any more cash) and we could call it quits for a couple of extra dips on top.

So 40p for 10 minutes of my time. Sounds reasonable.

Except to them. They said they 'couldn't do it'.

Translated as won't do it/'can't be bothered/don't care.

Thoroughly frustrated by now, the dips were just directed back at them....

The 'manager' (E.Hoy) responsible for customer concern was no better. Very argumentative over the phone, and unable to work out that the cost to Dominos of 4 pizzas would be less than a refund of the money I paid)

For my inconvenience & frustration, I was offered 2 pizzas and 2 sides (about £8 total cost price to make for Dominos)

Or my £15.98 back.

I chose the latter.

All this was on top of the fact I had seen staff at the same branch using a spatular to pick a pizza pan off the floor.

Then use the same spatular to get a pizza out of the oven!

I did wonder if they did that when visited by the Council, who gave them a 5 star hygeine rating....

Ms Hoy, rather than being concerned/shocked/horrified when I told her this merely advised me that I 'wouldn't be able to prove it' as the recordings were wiped after a month.

Good attitude and wonderful service then.

I'm not just saying this, but pizzas you can get in the supermarket (their own brands) seem to have come on a lot. I've had ones from M&S and Asda, and they have been as good as anything from Dominos. And we are talking £2 pizzas.

I've seen the future. Won't be setting foot in Dominos again.
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