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Easy to use, effective and Free to try - what more do you need

Having started a company in late 2011 which is eccommerce based, it was obvious I need to keep customers updated with new products and offers.

My first concern was uploading our mail list, and it took seconds. It also cleaned it up for duplicates too.

Creating a great looking mail template was a sinch too. Drag and drop images, add links for them and a few words and that's it, hit send.

You can also send at a certain day and time which is cool for delivering the email at the best time.

My contact was Alistair, very responsive and helpful.

All this, and I haven't paid a single penny, and I know it works as the reports show who and how many opened, read and clicked through to our website.

Dotmailer for my small business has been invaluable. Awesome stuff!

Ah, ps my company is Purity Fragrance...if you don't like spending a fortune on plug in air freshener refills take a look....never miss a trick! :)
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