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This company is an absolute joke. I don't even want to give them one star as that is far too generous.

It seems many mobile phone operators use them - have had problems with phones being delivered from Orange and Vodafone.
I am waiting for a replacement iPhone from Vodafone and when I requested the replacement I notified them that my works address was a little difficult to find and they should take a contact number just in case - but they refused to and stated that the driver HAD to deliver or else they would not get paid (what rubbish I think).
I was given a time window via text (pretty rubbish seeing as you're meant to take your sim out of the phone if arranging a replacement) - I have been sitting here all day making sure I am around to receive the package only to be sent another text saying there was no one to sign for the parcel! I had to rearrange delivery and this is the 2nd day in a row the same thing has happened to me - despite ringing and giving very clear instructions.
This exact thing has happened to me several times before. USELESS!

I have had numerous deliveries sent to my works address from various companies and couriers - so I have no idea why this is a problem with DPD.

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