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Worst delivery company on the planet

Okay i was expecting a delivery from you guys on the 11th i took the day off work and decided to work on my Car " which is out side the front of my house " well i was out there ALL day untill about 8-9pm no delivery when i checked the tracking number it said that they had attemped to deliver it ... where did you try ? the moon? as i didnt even see a van come into my street all day no cars vans bikes anything came into the street allday.. so i called the company i Brought from and they got on the phone to dpd and they said " we did try to delivery it to " number name of street " with a black door.....
what? this street is a council street no black doors at all all are blue...... so they said they would delivery it today..... same exact thing another day off work NO PAY, working on car again , and for the people thinking why 2 days work on a car its a track car so lots of stuff has to be done, call them up and complain about the service and they said that the " driver " will try and re-deliver today well 6pm and still nothing again looks like i am goin to complain again tomorrow ... seriously 2 year olds work better than you..... truly appalled with DPD never again will i use them.
Okay after writing this i got on the phone and well went postal on the guy on the phone and this is what he put on the tracking info " Central Services We will redeliver your parcel on 13 Dec 2012 (Before 10am) " well i have to leave for work at 10:30 if its not here buy then i will call " three mobile " and cancel my order and go somewhere else that dont use these untrained monkeys... so angry its unreal
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hey Rich,

    I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you suffered. I see the parcel was later delivered - was everything okay?

    Please drop me an email to socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you wish to discuss the matter further.

    Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Kind regards,

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