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Not a good experience today!

I was due a delivery today... It was due to arrive between 16.25 and 17.25... There was no sign of it by 17.30, so I checked the tracking info, which claimed it had been delivered next door... Went next door - no sign of parcel. Contacted local depot (had to go on saynoto0870 to find the number - none of their listed numbers are included in the free call allowance... Eventually was patched through to the driver, who admitted she had delivered it to the wrong address. To add insult to injury, she was too busy to collect and redeliver, leaving me no alternative but to go and collect it myself.

Have they never heard of Satnavs? Our house has been here for 30 years, so shouldn't be too hard to find. Also, the lady to whom it had been delivered was initially suspicious as I was not her neighbour. She only handed the parcel over when she checked the address panel, and realised it had been sent to the wrong street!!!
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hi Robin,

    Please accept my apologies for the service you experienced on this occasion. We didn't intent to cause any inconvenience, and I'm sorry that we didn't display the expected service level.

    If you need any assistance whatsoever, please email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk with a contact number. Get in touch if there's anything we can do to repair your perception of us.

    Kind regards,

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