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Facebook works.

I love how they text me and tell me what time my parcel will arrive, they aint ever out by much. the other week I saw Ryan (my local driver) and called him over thinking he had gone to the wrong place, he hadnt and replied that he would be over in a bit, it wasnt long enough to put the kettle on tho' so i didnt make him a cuppa.
This week I got the text to say that Ryan was coming round again, and as i was gonna be out I asked Mr Neighbour to take the parcel in, he agreed and I got a text to say he had it and had signed for it. When I got home I found Ryan the noodle had only left one of two boxes ! a quick call to the supplier and to DPD AND facebook post ( i dont do halves) got the item delivered by an embarrassed driver the next day, Lots of positive contact came from the error and i suppose errors will happen if humans are involved. Glad Mr Neighbour didnt get blamed as it could have been said that he had signed for two although he hadnt seen the 'one of two' statement.
I have no concerns about using this company again, after all they tell you when they are coming, turn up when they say, and sort out any issues when they arrive. how much better could they be?
think Id like to work for them, I like their attitude.
no sarcasm, I mean it.
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hi Maggie,

    Fantastic to hear that after the initial hitch, we were able to rectify things to your satisfaction :)

    Be sure to contact us by any means if you ever have a query. You can come through on Facebook, or feel free to email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk

    Kind regards,

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