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Not just poor but fraudulent!

By far the worst of all courier services.
After waiting in for delivery it turned out that it had been refused, although delivery had not been attempted.
After contacting dpd and spending 45 minutes on the phone they said the driver had refused the delivery as it arrived at wrong depot and was being returned to sender!
So on my behalf they fraudulently refused delivery as if I had turned down my next day birthday gift for my niece and sent it back. Who gave them the right to decide on my behalf? Why wasn't it rerouted to correct depot for delivery. They lie about where your package is, then lazy drivers make decisions on your behalf as to whether you get you delivery or not.
For any one reading this, you may be interested to know the parcel did actually arrive at the correct depot and was shown as out for delivery.
Apparently they couldn't rearrange delivery as it was refused. Even though it was dpd that refused it.
I requested a call back regarding a satisfactory explanation but still nothing. Worse than useless. And a 4 year olds birthday ruined!
Terrible terrible company. Just don't use. Hermes are cheaper and a million times better.
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hi Phil,

    I can assure you that there is nothing fraudulent going on. Having looked in to this, there appears to have been a bit of a mix-up, which has led to these issues.

    Please be assured that I've logged your details with our customer services team, and they'll be contacting you shortly with further information.

    Feel free to contact me at socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any support in the interim.

    Kind regards,

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