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I wish you could grant a zero star review

I have never written a review for any company before, let alone a bad one.

I ordered a parcel containing an £80 birthday present for someone leaving for New Zealand two days after delivery was due. I paid more than extra for next day delivery, giving me what I hoped would be three full days to ensure the gift was wrapped and ready in time. All seemed to be going so well when I got an email to say the parcel would be delivered by Smoore (nice touch) between 7-8pm. We were all at home eagerly awaiting delivery - me tracking where the parcel was out of 100 deliveries (very fancy) & then I suddenly received an email to tell me I wasn't in (which is funny because I was watching Eastenders at the time and unless I was engrossed in that, unlikely) no one walked down the drive or posted a card through the door? So I dutifully call DPD this morning at 8am to ask where my parcel has vanished too and why no one turned up 'oh he must have gone to the wrong address?' REALLY? It's a pretty big street and we are the first house? It's not a rural location, there are no huge trees obscuring the view..... Anyway at this point my parcel is out for re-delivery today (no time, or fancy name this time, which gets me worried) so I call just to be sure (this IS a very important present) 'Oh I'm really sorry your parcel seems to have gone missing and you'll have to re-contact ASOS - the sender to locate it' Oh right so you had it yesterday and ASOS have lost it have they? It's now 2.15pm and no sign or communication...and more importantly no parcel.

Don't get me wrong, I have had parcels delivered with no problems from DPD, but this is my second 'missing, un-scanned' parcel and I'm beginning to get the impression that the DPD drivers on my route have a thing for handbags??

You've got us over a barrel really, haven't you? No parcel, no refund from sender because they have to claim the money from you and most importantly no present!
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hi Beth,

    Please accept my apologies for the fact that the service we supplied was substandard on this occasion :(

    I see that our customer services team became involved, and the item was later delivered - has everything been resolved to your satisfaction? Please drop an email to socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any help or assistance from me.

    I hope that we'll show you our true colours when we next deliver to you.

    Kind regards,

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