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Poor Service - Poor Communication

Over the past two days Ive had deliveries from FedEx, Royal Mail and Amazon Logistics. All of them managed to deliver on time.

DPD, fail. Not only have they failed to deliver next day, their web tracking facility states "Your parcel has been delayed", no email, no explanation.

I made two phone calls, as I spotted this delay in the morning. On the first phone call I was put on hold for 8 minutes while they tried to contact the depot. I was told they would try there best to deliver it today. With that response I knew immediately it wouldn't be delivered today.

Phone call number two in the afternoon. They say they couldn't get anyone at the depot to answer the phone. They also tell me they have no idea if the parcel is out for delivery or not as the depot has not updated the tracking system. I am assured that they will get this updated and I will "definitely" have my parcel tomorrow if i do not get it today.

17:30, the tracking still reads as it did before, "Your parcel has been delayed" and, not surprisingly, no parcel.

All round poor service, poor communication, lack of understanding of the words "next day delivery" and generally not giving a toss on providing you with the service you paid for.
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    Reply from DPD UK

    I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered with your delivery Carlos :(

    Please be assured that I have logged your details with our customer services team, and they will be looking into this as a point of priority.

    Feel free to drop me a note to socialmedia@dpd.co.uk if you need any information in the interim.

    Kind regards,

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