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so far the worst delivery company i have ever experienced

i ordered some components from scan.co.uk and paid for next day delivery that should of arrived on the 14th, i had several other deliveries ranging from a hard drive delivered by royal mail to a full sofa and bedroom suite from sterling delivered this day without issue.

to start the delivery time was between 7-8pm which was later than i would of liked but nothings perfect so i waited and waited and nothing arrived and i tracked my parcel and see that the driver couldn't find my address but hadn't bothered to contact me for directions like every other delivery firm has.

the next day when i finally got through to customer service after searching for a number they don't advertise on their website, i made sure they had my number and that the driver knew to contact me if they had a problem. delivery scheduled for 7-8pm so that id be home from work but by 7:15 the parcel was listed as undeliverable as they couldn't find my address with no attempt to contact me.

upon speaking to customer service again today on the 16th and having them hang up on me 3 times and being about as useless as possible (note i wasnt being abusive or rude) they tell me they have rearranged the delivery for 12-1 this afternoon while im at work so it wont be delivered today and the depot shuts early so i wont be able to pick it up either and they advised me to contact scan and have the parcel delivered to another address that is easier for them to find. so far this has been the single most aggravating delivery i have ever had and that includes ordering in countries like Angola and the Australian outback.
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    Reply from DPD UK

    Hi Finlay,

    I'm really sorry that this has been your experience on this occasion :(

    I have looked into this and see that your parcel is due to be delivered 12:16 - 13:16 (so any time now). Please email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk with a contact number if you require any assistance whatsoever.

    Kind regards,

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