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Consistently rubbish

DPD have delivered to my home many, many times and the one thing that has been consistent about their deliveries has been how bad they have been. We have had parcels just dumped in muddy puddles outside our gate in the rain (not against the gate, actually in the middle of a shared driveway), calling cards left when 'no one was home' but we have dogs who bark if anyone bothers to actually come and knock on the door, not just walk the minimum distance to the end of our drive to the post box, we have instructed them over and over to leave the parcels in one of many safe places, it's a joke! Today I received a calling card saying no one was in, yet again, even though I was in the house, rang the company to see if the driver (who couldn't have been more than minutes down the road) would be able to come back and after being kept on hold for five minutes, the customer service person on the other end just hung up on me! Just a joke. I really can't wait for the economy to get back on it's feet and for people to appreciate real service again, and not have to put up with joke companies like this who have no competition. The Royal Mail has never let us down once, yet these supposedly better private companies laugh in the face of customer service and doing their jobs well. I would imagine their employees have a terrible time, otherwise why would they behave this way. Shame on DPD.
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    Reply from DPD UK

    I'm really sorry to hear this has been your experience Isabella :( We want to put things right for you. Can you please contact socialmedia@dpd.co.uk with a contact number and your calling card number, and a member of our customer services team will call you with a view to producing a satisfactory outcome for you.

    Kind regards,

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