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Ignorant, poorly trained, obnoxious liars

We purchased 2 beds with mattresses from Dreams Staples Corner with a value of around £2,000. When making the purchase we informed them that we would like to wait before arranging the finance agreement so as not to risk altering our credit score which could have affected the mortgage for a property we were completing on. Sales team assured us this was no problem and in fact all we needed to do was to pay a 10% deposit and they would provide us with a delivery date.

As soon as we paid the 10% they informed us that actually we needed to pay 20% to arrange a delivery date in store (lie 1). I returned to the store the next week and paid the further 10% only to be told that they couldn't arrange the date and I would have to do it online (lie 2). I went online when I got home and found that a date can't be arranged until either full payment is arranged or a credit agreement is signed (lie 3).

I then complained to the customer service team who looked into the case, established the sales staff had lied (admitted freely by them) and then told me to call back the next day to arrange delivery (apparently a headboard was arriving the next day which would allow them to book a delivery slot). Of course when I called back the next day I was told they would do nothing until they had received full payment (lie 4)

The sales staff were happy to keep telling us what we wanted to hear in order to get us to put increasing amounts of money down in advance. The only possibilities are either the sales staff were deliberately lying to us or they were woefully ignorant of their own company's policies - either of which is horrendous. Customer service is equally useless and very often found them rude and obnoxious.

Eventually I was able to sign a credit agreement at which point I would have to wait 3 weeks for the beds even though they were in the warehouse. Beds finally arrived and we were then treated to an extra charge for bed assembly despite having already paid for this in store (lie 5).

To summarise, Dreams lie all the time and are rude about it too. They may be cheap but they are also nasty - DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM
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    Reply from Dreams

    Dear Mr Hart,

    Ever so sorry for the incorrect information that you have been given. We do require the balance to be paid in full before booking in a delivery date. I'm sorry that this was not communicated to you at point of sale. If you would like to email customerservices@dreams.co.uk with your order number and 'TRUSTPILOT' in the email header we certainly look into this for you and look to address your concerns with the store.

    Kind regards,

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