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Never go to Dreams for a Mattress!!

I decided to buy the Richmond Mattress as I have a bad back and was assured this was the best choice. After one nights sleep I realised that it dipped in the middle of the mattress (unfortunately in a place where one of the buttons is) I called Dreams after a couple of days to enquire about a comfort exchange, only to be told I had to have the mattress 40 nights first. I decided to have one of their mattress technicians to come and view the mattress to support the fact that it dips in the middle of the bed, because I feared another Richmond may have the same manufacturer faults, and thought that if the report came back as faulty I could get a different mattress. This was a complete waist of time because they then informed me that all mattresses have a 5cm resistance within the first two years of having it, and that if it is within that threshold it is not classed as faulty!! When I explained that I had complained about this mattress after just one night, and that clearly it started off with a dip, it made no difference to my complaint. It is absolutely disgusting that they claim to give customers a good deal with having 40 nights to try out a mattress, when all along they know that customers have no chance of returning a mattress in less any dip is over 5cm! what's more, I then realised that should I get a different mattress as I was not happy with the Richmond, I would have to get one that was either the same price or more, as a cheaper one would still cost me the amount of the Richmond! So, I then decided to get another technician out to come and look at the mattress independently (costing £40) thinking that they would be working for me and be completely unbiased. To my horror, the technician was clearly biased as he could not comment on what his findings were, even though he led on my bed and confirmed the massive dip in the middle. Furthermore, he would not take photos of the dip due to the fact it was where one of the buttons lie! He said he could not take the photo because dreams will just say that the dip is due to the button being there! Watch out for the shop assistants as well as they are all liars! My assistant made out he was giving me a fair deal as I had spent a fortune on a bed and mattress, so knocked £150 off the mattress due to it being a showroom one. However, on my contract he ticked to say it was a new mattress, hence why I now have the inconvenience of taking the complaint to the top, and if no joy there, I shall be going to the furniture Ombudsman! If you have any sense, never ever go to Dreams!
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    Reply from Dreams

    Dear Mrs Howley,

    I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy, we do recommend that customers try the mattress for up to 40 nights as it can take the body some time to adjust to a new mattress. That being said, if a customer is adamant that the mattress is unsuitable we will of course offer an earlier exchange, and I can see that we have given you a further extension on this of 1 month.

    The Richmond mattress that you have is tufted which means that where the buttons are the mattress is pulled in, this is the design of the mattress. We do recommend that all mattresses are rotated regularly to ensure even use and I can see that the Technician that we arranged has done this for you. If you would like any more information on how to care for the mattress please do get in touch as we would be more than happy to talk this through with you. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the outcome of the report.

    With regards to the independent inspection that you arranged, I am sorry that you are unhappy with their conclusion, however, I do hope that it does provide you with some confidence that the mattress is indeed not defective.

    In terms of the discount that you received, you were given an additional discount against a new mattress and not an ex-display mattress, I can only apologise if this additional discount has caused any inconvenience.

    As mentioned above, further to your most recent conversation with our Customer Service team, we are happy to offer you a late Comfort Exchange however this will need to be arranged by the 21st December which is 2 months since the date of delivery.

    We look forward to hearing from you and I do hope that we are able to resolve this to your satisfaction.

    Kind regards,

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