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Gone Down hill changed closing time! kick you out 1hour before closing

1.Changed closing time!
2.Kick you out of the steam/Jacuzzi/Swimming Pool 1 hour before closing!!
3.Fitted water saving taps (push button, 10 seconds of water if you are lucky!)
4.Only open 1 Jacuzzi when not as busy
5. No Soap in Showers

I have been with DW sports (BOLTON) for over 3 years now and watch this place go down hill despite putting up prices, since I first joined up.
I have a Full Peak Membership and last week I was told they are now changing there Friday closing time from 22:00 to 21:00 because Head Office told them too.
I was not happy about this as I use this service until 22:00 on Fridays and of course NOT! DW are going to compensate it customers for this change.
Today, Friday 05 July 2013 I arrived early because of the new closing times and I was kicked out of the Steam Room /Jacuzzi/Swimming Pool at 20:00 even though they had told me they are open until 21:00.
I walked 3 miles tonight to use this facility to be thrown out within 10 minutes of using it. This is a complete disgrace and as my membership runs out in August I will be looking elsewhere.
The place now looks like they are running it down.
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