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Worst company ever?

Origin is expensive, EA DLC is obcene, its expensive and its often really poor when compared with the main game in terms of value... map packs for the same price i bought the game? no thanks.

EA is doing more to destroy gaming then any other company, closing down servers such as Burnout revenge, even though it made second hand users pay extra to access these online services.

EA also is trying to kill PC gaming AGAIN by fracturing the supply, adding horrible DRM to its products and charging insane prices and sold exclusivly through origin.

EA ruins games companies (ok so it makes games look GREAT and really helps with production values) but games get trampled on by them

Dragon age 1... most immersive RPG ever?? and then mr DLC salesman trys selling DLC to you right in game at the camp. WTF? i paid £20 for this game, leave me alone! it really really spoilt the immersion.

Dragon age 2? console crap right?

Crysis? best game ever. Teams up with EA crysis 2? I completed it, it was terrible. was a completly different game, and the enemies moved the same time one each reply.... production was AAAAA+... quality overall was C-.

If i had one wish it would be that this company would go bust, and that all the developers would join together to create a new company that was aimed at making profits by DELIvERING NOVEL CONTENT not by churning out mass produced games with no difference between them all.

EA screws gamers, and if you love EA and love EA games you get screwed the hardest with obcene priced DLC. I own about 400 games, but i promised to either not pay or not pay for any more EA games if they are via origin.
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