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Unacceptable: this company have to close!!!

An horrible and stressful experience.

21 august 2013: To go from Gatwick to Earl's court, the same pbm than others said: previous buses didn't pass. So we were too many people at the stop, the bus came with 30 minutes late and everybody tried to enter in the bus, doesn't matter the hour of their booking. There was people waiting since 1h30!

28 august 2013: To Earl's court to Gatwick: same experience. There was a lot of people waiting for the bus. The previous bus didn't come and our bus came 30 minutes late. People had big luggages and the driver decide to not take more people because there wasn't enougth place for luggages. 2 seats lost.
We came too late to the flight, but we tried to go.
We were late for checking and we can't register our luggage. We run in all the airport. Easyjet let us pass controls with 2 razors in our luggage (security?).

Plus jamais ça!
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