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I have travelled with EasyBus a few times before and while I never had any problems myself I had witnessed pretty much everything the previous reviews have described. For example drivers letting people who have missed their bus two hours ago - or not had booked at all pay cash for tickets then refuse people who have actually booked for that service on the bus. Shocking!
I personally saw a driver do this, then say "this is not my problem" and drive off.
But I never really written a review until now - yesterday I went with my friends, who were visiting from Poland to their 4pm bus which NEVER EVEN SHOWED UP!
And we didnt miss it because we were there early and there were other people waiting even longer than we did and they never saw the bus either. My friends had to buy new tickets for the coach service that luckily was running from the same bus stop but that is another £20 gone.
Strongly discourage any one from using EasyBus again.

And they make their refund request system difficult as you have to send your request in through post - I mean, why?? in this day and age - why???
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