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Missed my flight because of Easybus

This service is a scam, you are probably better off hitchhiking to the airport.
I had booked a bus for 3pm and arrived at the stop perfectly on time where an angry mob was waiting in the rain. I had to let two busses go off without me because the driver would only let on people who had booked earlier times. Finally, the 4pm driver did the opposite: he bellowed at us saying he would only allow on whoever had tickets for his service. It got quite ugly with people shouting and shoving and swearing to get on the bus and the driver acting as some sort of monosyllabic aggressive transport bouncer. I don't blame him, he has a terrible job. I managed to get on by pushing past some grannies and mums with kids but missed my plane anyway.
I later talked to another driver who agreed with me when I told him his company was the pits. I hope they go bankrupt.

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