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Simply the worst online shopping experience I have ever suffered. Ordered goods in December for Christmas. One item was not delivered. When we eventually got through to them at the end of January they said that no short deliveries were notified by the warehouse to the sales office. So if you don't chase them yourself, they never deliver. That is absolutely unacceptable. When they did "allegedly" dispatch the goods, they were supposed to arrive within 5-7 days. But they won't speak to you about it unless you have been waiting at least 10 days. My item was dispatched on 3 February, but here we are on 18 February and still no sign of it. It is "allegedly" with the couriers. They use a courier firm that collects from them on 3 Feb, and have a planned delivery date "by 20 February". What is that all about? I could walk to the depot, pick it up and walk back in an afternoon.
"Will you please call the couriers and ask when they will deliver?" ::: "I am sorry, that is impossible."
"What is impossible?" ::: "For anyone to call the couriers."
Yes, right.
"Can I speak to the sales director? Or a supervisor?" ::: "[Without a millisecond's pause for thought] They are all busy."
"Can someone call me back?" ::: "[Lies through her teeth] Yes, of course."
Yes of course they called me back. Er... not. The poorly named "customer service" team are supremely disinterest in servicing, or assisting in any way, their poor customers.

Do not buy anything from this company. Ever.
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