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I ordered 'Teethbrite' tooth whitening system from Easylife on 17 January. Despite there being no mention of the item being out of stock it wasn't until seven days later on the 24th January that I received an email saying my item had only now been dispatched and would arrive within five to seven working days. It duly arrived on the 2nd February - so at least here they were true to their word! However this 'speedy' delivery costs £4.99 and many, many other online retailers offer free delivery that arrives in a couple of days only (and guaranteed next day delivery for cheaper than £4.99 in some cases)

However upon opening the item, half of the instructions appeared to be missing, as there was no instructions regarding the actual length of time the gel applied to the supplied mouth trays should be worn for and for how long, one week? two weeks? forever?! The actual mouth trays that were supplied have to be placed in boiling water so they can be softened as you have to take a mould of your teeth/mouth shape. The part of the instructions supplied spoke of the tab attached to the mouth tray which you hold onto to prevent burning your fingers when placing the trays in the boiling water. The trays that were supplied didn't have these tabs.

I duly tried to contact customer service directly from the website explaining this and also my dissatisfaction with my experience due to having to wait a week before the item was sent out, despite there being no notification of the item being out of stock on the website. However, as pointed out before by someone else here, you are physically unable to send your message this way as it says something about unrecognised symbols being used in the message (which wasn't true)

I then emailed this information to the supplied email address and a day later had heard nothing back. After reading further reviews it appears Easylife do NOT respond to emails ever. I have never received a response to this email.

I therefore called the company. If you do ever need to call the company go to the website saynoto0870.com and 'search for alternative number' You will be able to find the normal landline phone number and not have to use the 10p a minute number they supply. Ah, I've just taken pity and looked it up for you- call them on 01795 412 026. At least if you are hanging on for ages it won't be costing you.

(As an aside, before you ever call an 0870/ 0845/ 0871 number and probably others, it is always wise to check out this website as nearly everyone; banks, electricity, gas companies etc have alternative numbers that don't cost 10p a minute.)

Unlike others who have posted here, when I phoned up I wasn't left hanging on the line for ages. I think It was only a couple of minutes. I spoke to a girl called Sam, who to be fair was perfectly pleasant. I explained my problem with the product, and she told me she would send out another one. I asked if I was required to send the first one back, but she told me I didn't need to. She said the item however wasn't in stock (again, no mention of this on the website that day. I had just checked prior to calling) and I think she said would be available on the 6th of February, but I can't be certain. In fact, after reading all the other reviews I was quite certain I would hear nothing again from Easylife. However on the 13th February, I received another email saying my item had been dispatched and it did arrive this morning, the 21st.

Upon opening the package, there was indeed a complete set of instructions, but the mouth trays supplied again didn't have the tabs attached. This isn't the biggest of problems though as I am sure you can use a some kind of utensil to hold them when you put them in the hot water.

Oh, and they also supplied a nice cheap pen 'a gift from easylife.com' and the latest catalogue. Hmmmmm, don't think I will be using them again somehow.

At a push, I am giving Easylife two stars because at least I have got twice as much for my money, plus the young lady 'Sam' I spoke to was quite pleasant on the phone. However, I reserve the right to mark this down to a 'one' if my teeth fall out when I use it. And judging by some other comments left here about the quality of the goods, I am not ruling it out!

From their website:

"Founded over 20 years ago, our values are still the same as they were back then: We're focused on making life easier in all aspects of the business! From practical products at great value to customer service and convenience."

"Quality and convenience drive our business and exeptional customer service is something we consider of equal importance. Our dedicated Customer Support Team are always at the other end of a phone call or an email to help you with any queries you may have. It's all in the name - we're here to make your life easy and hassle free."

Please note the spelling mistake in 'exceptional' too.

I can not honestly believe anyone would order from this company a second time. It is probably just as well they supply so many catalogues in all the Sunday papers as they must rely on first time customers ALWAYS.

I also can not believe that in this day and age and especially in this current economic climate that a company can carry out its business in this fashion. It is like they genuinely do not care. If anyone from Easylife bothers to read this and is even remotely interested, I would suggest you take a look at the way Amazon conducts its business for some tips.
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